Where will you be a year from now?

Become the BEST version of you and live YOUR life.
Connecting inner health, mental health and physical health through nutrition, mindset and movement to create positive performance in all areas of your life.

Operation365 was birthed in May 2017 as I turned 39 years and began to ask myself

  • Am I living the life I truly want?
  • Am I doing the things that make me happy?
  • What will I reflect on at my 40th birthday?
  • Why are people I know being diagnosed with big health problems or dying unnecessarily?
  • How can I make a difference in the world?

I saw so many women around me asking the same questions, they had huge potential to do amazing stuff in their life and feel deep happiness yet there was a blocker for them either in mindset or their physical health.

Somewhere along their journey the scales had tipped and work/study/family had become the highest priority rather than herself, her health, her life.

Like she no longer mattered.

What is my purpose?

What am I doing with life?

How did I get to this point?

Is this all there is?

And how did my body end up like this?

These women were seeking education, empowerment, encouragement and a little loving push. Building blocks towards them discovering their true awesomeness, their super power, their unique self and unleashing it unapologetically on the world.

And they were ready to honour and love their body and mind by making it the centre of THEIR life again.

Are you ready to take the journey to your BEST SELF?



Head Coach Fiona

Fiona Hurle


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Emma Wheatland

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Mez Hurley

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