Meet the #operation365 team – Ambassador Mez

Our team is your team!

Boil the kettle, pour a cup of tea and join us for a Q&A with #operation365 Ambassador, mum of 3 children, shift working nurse and small business owner, Mez Hurley.

Q – If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would you invite (alive or not)?

1) my father – to one last opportunity to make him laugh and see his smile. 2) Florence nightingale – to discuss the ‘true’ art of nursing. 3) Mr Depp – obvious reason

Q – What would be your claim to fame?

The ability to raise one eyebrow at a time – the kids love it! Eyebrow dance!!

Q – What’s your biggest fear?

a parents worst fear – the loss of a child.

Q – What’s your favourite food?

Almost ashamed to say this but porridge- I love it!!!

Q – Do you have a mantra or inspirational quote to get you through the challenging times?

The path you take is the path you have chosen, if you are not heading in the direction you wish, only you can change it!

Q – What did life look like before becoming an Ambassador?

Stressful, complicated, unstructured, overweight, lacking in energy/motivation/tired, fractured relationships as mother/partner, poor nutritional/social habits

Q – What made you ‘step up’ and apply to become an #operation365 Ambassador??

I was ready to create change, to create a lifestyle my children could follow and aspire to. To be the role model I wanted my children to be influenced by. I wanted to be the healers version of myself, not the accepted version.

Q – How has your life changed through #operation365??

I now have increased energy/motivation, make healthy life choices, my stress levels have decreased, my sleep has improved, I have positive and meaningful relationships, increased family fun/interaction, prosperity and overall contentment!

As you can see, Mez is just like you and I – she has the same challenges and fear, and has been able to improve many areas of her life.
If you’re READY to do the same, get in contact with Fiona and let’s make it happen.

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