Meet the #operation365 team – Ambassador Rebecca

Our team is your team!

Boil the kettle, pour a cup of tea and join us for a Q&A with #operation365 Ambassador, mum of 3, police woman and small business owner, Rebecca Hocking

Q – If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would you invite (alive or not)?

Vin Diesel, Adam Hills and my grandmother for one last dinner

Q – What would be your claim to fame?

A random photo of me taken in New Zealand ended up in a glossy magazine!

Q – What’s your biggest fear?


Q – What’s your favourite food?

I really struggle to answer this, there are so many. I can rarely go past a cheesecake though if there is one!

Q – Do you have a mantra or inspirational quote to get you through the challenging times?

Everything for a reason.

Q – What did life look like before becoming an Ambassador?

The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 saw my entire life fall apart at the seams. I was unwell and unable to work. I was full of despair and couldn’t see the way forward. My family was falling apart and I felt as if I would never regain a sense of control or direction over my life. I was exhausted, broken and afraid.

Q – What made you ‘step up’ and apply to become an #operation365 Ambassador??

Something had to change. I was doing everything I could and it wasn’t enough. I needed help, I was over the place I was in and couldn’t see the way forward and I needed someone to guide me through it. I was so sick of being sick of myself. Full of excuses and they had to go if I was ever going to live life to its fullest.

Q – How has your life changed through #operation365??

#operation365 has given me the opportunity to work with someone who only has love. Someone who would be able to call me on my bullshit, knowing that everything I needed to move forward was within me. I didn’t need a barrage of new skills, or to change my entire self, I just needed to find what was already there, uncover it and learn to use it to my advantage. I have learned that many of my ‘flaws’ are also my strengths and I’m now putting that into practice more and more, some are second nature now and the rest is still a work in progress. I am the calmest I have been in years, the least stressed and the most content with my life, even though I am in the midst of the toughest things I have ever had to go through. #operation365 has given me the chance to create a more sustainable self for my future.

As you can see, Rebecca is just like you and I – she has the same fears, she has the same challenges and loves the same foods, and has been able to see that all she needed was within her in order to take on the journey she’s on.
If you’re READY to do the same, get in contact with Fiona and let’s make it happen.

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