Meet the #operation365 team – Ambassador Nicole

Our team is your team!

Boil the kettle, pour a cup of tea and join us for a Q&A with #operation365 Ambassador, mum of 2 teenagers, childhood development teacher and nature lover, Nicole Burgess.

Q – If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would you invite (alive or not)?

Jamie Oliver – he could do the cooking and he’s always happy. Michelle Bridges- she is so motivated and honest. Ellen – For the laughs

Q – What would be your claim to fame?

Winning a Surf Life Saving SA open iron women when I was 16 years old.

Q – What’s your biggest fear?

Getting old and realising I didn’t follow my heart and fulfill my dreams

Q – What’s your favourite food?

Cakes and biscuits

Q – Do you have a mantra or inspirational quote to get you through the challenging times?

Don’t think, just do it!

Q – What did life look like before becoming an Ambassador?

My life looked busy, unorganised and out of control. I found I didn’t have time for myself.

Q – What made you ‘step up’ and apply to become an #operation365 Ambassador??

I stepped up to be an Ambassador because I wanted things to slow down, I wanted to feel in control of my life.

Q – How has your life changed through #operation365??

I’m doing things for myself, I’m prioritising things and I’m more organised

As you can see, Nicole is just like you and I – she has the same challenges and loves the same foods, and has been able to take control of her time and energy.
If you’re READY to do the same, get in contact with Fiona and let’s make it happen.

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