Meet the #operation365 team – Coach Fiona

Our team is your team!

Boil the kettle, pour a cup of tea and join us for a Q&A with #operation365 founder and head coach, Fiona Hurle

Q – When did you first become so interested in humans?

I think I was born with it. I recall at high school wanting to study psychology at university even though I knew there was little chance I could attend uni for financial reasons. So I became very excited when I started learning about behaviours, leadership, mindset and culture in my first corporate role. From there it expanded into wondering ‘what makes humans do what they do?’, and then later understanding more about the human body and it’s function. Chinese medicine opened up a whole other world for me and I love combining all of it to help my clients achieve results in all areas of their life.

Q – If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would you invite (alive or not)?

Oh that’s a tough one. Are you sure it’s only 3?!

Tony Robbins because he has so much energy, is funny and could throw in some good conversation starters.

Matt Zema (my dear friend, mentor and manager for 7 years) so I could tell him all the things I’ve realised over these past few years and how he was part of the inspiration to start #operation365.

My sister, Melissa, because life and distance means we rarely get to just sit and chew the fat and have some face hurting-tummy grabbing belly laughs.

Q – What would be your claim to fame?

The ‘boring’ in me says it would be that I worked for the PM of Australia once, but the ‘fun’ in me says that it was when I won the Top Chicks Toy Trophy for the car I entered into a major car show years ago!

Q – Do you believe in Angels?

Absolutely. I have had an Angel come and protect me following one of my relationship separations. She would come and stand at the end of my bed every night, to let me know I was safe, until one night I told her ‘it’s ok, I’m fine. I don’t need you any more’, and I’ve not seen her since. That was 15 years ago.
I know that the Angels guide me every day towards that which I was put on this earth to do and experience. I place my trust in them that they will keep me safe from harm.

Q – What’s your favourite food?

Lemon Meringue for SURE! Although the healthier I have become over the years the sicker it makes me afterwards (although sometimes I consciously choose the sickness because I like to eat it on my birthday).

Q – Do you have a mantra or inspirational quote to get you through the challenging times?

Yes, I created it myself when I when through my extremely focused weight loss period

“I am strong, I am beautiful, I can achieve anything”

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